ICST Conference
research conference
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ICST Conference

research conference europe communications workshop


1. Prepare your paper

2. Upload the paper in Assyst (download instructions in PDF format HERE)

Register for an Assyst account

  1. Visit http://assyst-online.org:8080/submission/loadRegister.do to register. Upon registering, a password will be emailed to you.


  1. Once registered, you can login at: http://assyst-online.org:8080/submission/login/loadHome.do .

Submit Paper

  1. Upon a successful login, you will see the Main Interface. Click on 'Submit paper'.
  2. You will see the list of current conferences in Assyst that are still open for submissions. Click on 'Submit a paper', next to the conference to which you wish to submit your paper.
  3. On the next screen, you will see the conference information and a link to submit your paper. Click on this link.
  4. Select the paper type you wish to submit.
  5. Enter the title, abstract and topic information for your paper, and click 'Next'.
  6. On the next screen you will see the information you have just entered. Verify it, and if correct, click on 'Submit'. If the information is not correct, click on the Back button of your browser and go back to the previous screen.
  7. The next screen will show you information about the abstract you uploaded, its status, and more. From this screen, you can modify the details of your submission, add or remove authors, and more.
  8. On the same screen, click on 'Submit', next to Manuscript on the right side, to upload your paper.
  9. Click on 'Browse' and find your document on the computer, then click 'Submit'.
  10. You will be taken back to the main page of your paper upload status. From here, you can upload an updated version of manuscript at any time.
  11. Once your paper has been reviewed and accepted, you will be able to upload your Camera-Ready version (after Camera-Ready upload start date). You will be able to keep updating your Camera-Ready paper, until it is allowed by the conference.

3. Register for the Conference

If your paper was accepted, you will be asked to Register.

  • One author for each paper must register at a non-student rate, even if all authors are students.
  • One registration covers two papers for those authors who have multiple papers accepted.
  • The Registration page specifies how to register for the conference.
    IMPORTANT: Your paper will not be included in the proceedings unless you have successfully registered.

4. Final Paper Submission

  • Within 72 hours of your successful registration, you will receive a message with instructions on how to upload your camera-ready paper(s). If you do not receive your instructions, please contact the Conference Organization Chair.
  • After you have uploaded your final paper, you will be asked to fill out a Copyright Form, either electronically or via Fax.