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ICST Conference

research conference europe communications workshop

Organizing Committee

Title Name Affiliation Email
Mobilware 2009 Conference General Co-Chairs Paolo Bellavista

Linda Xie
University of Bologna, Italy

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
paolo.bellavista [at] unibo.it

jxie1 [at] uncc.edu
Steering Committee Dr. Imrich Chlamtac (Chair)

Paolo Bellavista

Carl K. Chang
Create-Net, Italy

University of Bologna, Italy

Iowa State University, USA
chlamtac [at] create-net.org

paolo.bellavista [at] unibo.it

chang [at] cs.iastate.edu
Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs Jean-Marie Bonnin

Thomas Magedanz
ENST, France

Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany
jm.bonnin [at] telecom-bretagne.eu

thomas.magedanz [at] fokus.fraunhofer.de
Conference Organization Chair Gergely Nagy ICST gergely.nagy [at] icst.org
Conference Publicity Co-Chairs Europe: Andrej Krenker

North America: Jatinder pal Singh

North America: Janise McNair

South America: C. Esteve Rothenberg

Middle East: Ghadaa Alaa

Asia: Michael Chen
Sintesio, Slovenia

Stanford University, USA

University of Florida, USA

CPqD, Brazil

Information Technology Institute, Egypt

krenker [at] sintesio.org

jatinder [at] stanford.edu

mcnair [at] ece.ufl.edu

esteve [at] cpqd.com.br

galaa [at] iti.net.eg

mcc [at] iii.org.tw
Publication and Web Chair Carlo Giannelli University of Bologna, Italy carlo.giannelli [at] unibo.it
Workshop Chair Cristian Hesselman Telematica Instituut, Netherlands cristian.hesselman [at] telin.nl
Local Chair Julia Ovtchinnikova Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany julia.ovtchinnikova [at] fokus.fraunhofer.de